Pure Labrador Location Map About our Company

Pure Labrador products are produced by Labrador Preserves Company of Forteau, Labrador, which processes cloudberries and lingonberries (called bakeapples and partridgeberries in Newfoundland and Labrador), plus blueberries into gourmet spreads and syrups. Our products are made from the finest of these wild berries grown on the pristine, pollution-free barrens and marshes of this northern climate.

Labrador Preserves Company uses the most modern equipment available, while maintaining the integrity of the original taste. We are able to capture the essence of old fashioned recipes handed down through generations from the original settlers of the Labrador Straits in the 17th century.

These spreads and syrups can be used to completely trasform an ordinary meal into a gourmet experience when added to appetizers, in recipes for fish/pork/poultry/wild game, to enhance desserts, or over pancakes and waffles at breakfast.

Our business is a family owned and run operation, and we pride ourselves in the quality and taste of our products that are now being enjoyed across Canada and now the United States.